Dennison Foursquare Church

"A Place Where Hope Abounds"

We welcome you to our website. We strive for our church to be warm and loving. It is our desire for all who enter our doors to feel comfortable and free to call upon us for needs they may have. Our belief is that God has redeemed us and filled us with His Spirit so we may be strategically deployed into a hungry world to bring the presence of Jesus into the very heart of society. When God chose to reveal Himself to our world, He didn't send an angel with a message or a program or preferred institutional structure. He sent Jesus! The Word He had for us was Jesus, not to be read and put aside, but experienced. A message in flesh and blood - God walking off the page, walking out of religious trappings and walking into the lives of people. It is our prayer, that we as a local church can do that as we share Jesus in many areas of ministry.


    When you visit our church, you will find:
  • A caring congregation that will welcome you.
  • Preaching and teaching that is centered on the Word of God.
  • Ministries and classes to meet the spiritual needs of every age.
  • A corporate outlet for moving praise and worship inviting the presence of God.

So, "come as you are" and enjoy worshiping with us as we enjoy meeting you. We don't have a product to push, we have a Person to reveal and His name is Jesus! (1 John 1:3)

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Sunday Morning Schedule
9:00 AM — Sunday School
10:15 AM — Morning Worship

Wednesday Night Schedule
6:30 PM — Youth Group
7:00 PM — Adult Bible Study


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